Dino Themed Water Beads

Mom and Milly

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Why Play Water Beads❓
👧 Provide a tactile (touch) sensory experience with a rubbery, squishy, and soft texture
👧 Give children visual sensory play with their bright colors and ability to bounce
👧 Improves fine motor skills because of their small size
👧 Helps improve coordination
👧 Increases exploration and creativity
👧 Helps children understand scientific concepts like absorption
👧 Fosters critical thinking skills like planning, prediction, observations, and reasoning
👧 Increases focus and concentration (especially for children with special needs)
👧 Introduces new textures to children with sensory needs
👧 Teaches cause and effect
👧 Helps hand-eye coordination and control
👧 Improves spatial awareness
👧 Teaches mathematical concepts like capacity and measurement
👧 Helps children learn colors and numbers
Available color for beads right now is multicolored!