Space Maze

Mom and Milly

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Space Maze 380💖💖💖
Wonderful and engaging toy for kids that is fun as well as educational at the same time.
This wooden bead maze toy features 2 soft-coated wires intertwined with each other, and several brightly colored wooden beads in various shapes and sizes. As the kids move, spin, grasp and slide the wooden beads, they build eye-hand coordination and motor skills. The toy also helps kids with color and shape recognition, creative expression, cognitive development, and stimulation of visual and auditory senses.
Young school-aged children can practice simple addition and subtraction with these beads. The compact and lightweight construction of this wooden bead toy make it suitable for carrying along in the bag, to keep kids entertained while on the move.
Give your kid the gift of a fun and meaningful toy with this wood bead maze.
Perfect gift and great addition to any pre-school classroom, kids day care, pediatrician and dentist waiting room, etc.