Wooden Flags

Mom and Milly

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Insert the corresponding flags into the hole of the map
Ideal for a basic geographic knowledge of the world, countries, flags. Ideal for home, kindergarten, pre-school use
Contains 36 small national flags. Perfect accessory for a great variety of games and activities
Double-sided: one is the world map, the other is national flags' pattern
Width x Height: 15 inch x 4 inch
Product size: 34.4 x 52.8 x 9 cm
🇵🇭 Flag recognition - The child will need to recognise the flags of nation and identity the country on the world map to place them. Back side of the board features all the major flags making it ideal for teaching them to navigate the world!
🇳🇿 Setting small goals for improving on world geography - The kid will at times need to develop a strategy to complete the puzzle systematically. It is a great open-ended play option for schoolers who want a break from their books
🇺🇸 Enhances the memory - Your little one’s need to recall the location, colour, shapes, names of all the countries/continents and flags before placing them, as kids literally put together the world around them